" she's the HEROINE  "
Name: Sumie
Real Name: ?????
Age: ????
Websites: sleepingforest.org, kuchuu.org and deathly flower
To be sincere I don't know how to explain how much I appreciate her. She's indeed one of my best friends and has a special room in my heart. She's intelligent, creative, good friend, and more than a thousand good things I can say of her. I really admire her as a person and for her work, so be one of her friends and share domains with her it's an honour! I'd love to visit Mexico to be able to know her in real life!
Since she's super special to me, I wanted to do an amazing layout for her fanlisting, so I hope all of you (including her) will like it, this was made with all my heart using one of her favorite series, DOGS by Miwa Shirow.

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