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Name: Tashigi Shōi (たしぎ少尉)
Age: 21 years old.
Birthday: October 6th.
Height: 1.70 cm.
Occupation: Marine's Lieutenant.
Weapon: Shigure (Her Katana)
Voice: Junko Noda

Tashigi is one of the members of the Marine Armada,and she's on Smoker's group. Always she looks like a clumsy girl (is very usual see her dropping things, etc), but she's a great person and swordwoman. Her passion are the swords, and for that she's always working hard to become true her dream.
One of the principals ideals of her is the justice, for that, she's always doing the things that are right (for her).A very important thing is that her looks remarkably like Kuina, for that, her battles and meetings with Zoro are so interesing.

Her dream is find and confiscate all the bests swords on the world that are in evil hands.